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The Chefs

Burton, Charley

Charley Burton

Charley Burton is a self made chef by watching his mother create southern dishes and baked goods.

Davis, Dexter

Dexter Davis

Dexter Davis is a self-proclaimed “bachelor bro” when it comes to “cheffing it up in the kitchen”.

Johnson, Ryeland

Ryeland Johnson

I am submitting my vegan recipes to be published in the cookbook because I am passionate about sharing the delicious and nutritious plant-based meals that I have created.

Corprew, Jay

Jay Corprew

Jay Corprew is creative man with an herbalist and organic farming background, living with chronic illness.

Daye, Julian

Julian Daye

Creating recipes is all about love, cooking is all about love.

Kelly, Tai'Rance S.

Chef Dr I Man

Tai’Rance S. Kelly Sr., better known as Omega “I Man” Chuckii, a “Chicalantian”, which is a cross between Chicago, Cali and Atlanta is an intersex black male that works with high-risk marginalized community members.

Cunningham, Asyra

Asyra Cunningham

I am continuously looking for avenues to expand my humanity; using inter-disciplinary theories, techniques, and principles towards gaining an understanding of what it means to be part of a community.

Howard, Mel

Mel Howard

Symon “Mel” Howard was born and raised in Newport News, Virginia. Like most LGBTQ+ children Mel struggled with accepting his identity which led to depression and issues with self-love.

Lawrence, Isaiah

Isaiah Lawrence

Isaiah Lawrence (he/him/his) is a community health worker who specializes in trans health navigation and community outreach. He is passionate about uplifting the intersections of Black and trans lived experiences.

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