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Charley Burton

Charley Burton is a self made chef by watching his mother create southern dishes and baked goods.

Although Charley has a great skill on the oven its the baked goods that he inherited from his mother.

Charley discovered and created Black Transmen Can Cook after a virtual TIES Conference for Trans People hosted by Equality Virginia in Richmond Virginia.

Black Transmen Can Cook was created by one simple question to some trans brothers. "Do any of you like to cook?' Many answered they didn't know how but quite a few shared their love in the kitchen. Big thanks to Equality Virginia for hosting the space that launch what is the first cookbook created solely by Transmasculine chefs!

Charley's wheels started turning that there is a story behind the food we create and a story as we transitioned from one gender in the kitchen to another. 

Charley turned to the publisher of his book The Boy Beneath My Skin Margot Wilson. They both saw the need and the excitement of creating chefs who tell their stories.

As the project began to form Charley felt it is important that Transmasculine brothers in the community work as one and Charley opened the doors for the chefs to come from all walks of life as Black Transmen Can Cook Cookbook is Trans Men Can Cook. Charley's thought we have to start working on unity in our own community as well.  

Burton, Charley
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