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Chef Dr I Man

Tai’Rance S. Kelly Sr., better known as Omega “I Man” Chuckii, a “Chicalantian”, which is a cross between Chicago, Cali and Atlanta is an intersex black male that works with high-risk marginalized community members. As a God-fearing man, father, mentor, community leader, server, abolitionist, and an activist founded his own non-profit organizations. The first non-profit organization Tranz of Anarchii Inc., focusses on strategies to improve the health and livelihood of the Black TGI Masculine community and the LGBTQIA+ community. The other three non-profit organization T.R.A.P Ministriez, ZAMM BOSS and Moufgazim all have a major focus on improving spiritual and mental health outcomes for all black folxz through feeding the soul, education, health screenings, spiritual connections, HIV testing and linkage to treatment as well as other wellness services.

I am currently working on opening a transitional rehabilitation community center called S.P.L.A.S.H (Special Place Living & Security Housing). This site will be a safe place for individuals to be rehabilitated, transitioned, and prepared for re-entry into the community after the trauma, hurt, abuse, and transition of incarceration. The need for unity and standing in one’s truth is my personal way of giving back and laying the foundation to create a stronger community.

From 1998-present I continually offer my services by volunteering and lending myself when, where and however I can. I hold an AA in Business, a BS in Criminal Justice, and Forensic Science, earned a Master of Public Administration & Policy and I am currently working towards my Doctor of Philosophy Psychology with a specialization in gender and sexuality fluidity. Additional services such as public speaking, mentorship opportunities, prevention and awareness training, connection to other resources, treatment and other wellness services, and transitional life coaching skills are just examples of the many ways that give back to my community. Education and my personal life experiences have been the catalyst for my effort to evoke change not only within but to all that are in need in my community.

Kelly, Tai'Rance S.
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