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Dexter Davis

Dexter Davis is a self-proclaimed “bachelor bro” when it comes to “cheffing it up in the kitchen”. Dexter hosted an open roundtable at the virtual TIES Conference for Trans People hosted by Equality Virginia in Richmond Virginia. During that session, one of the brothers asked the group, “Do any of you like to cook?” Dexter professed that he was struggling but interested in learning more about cooking. More importantly, he wanted to learn more about how to show self-love through food. These recipes are snapshots of the beginning of Dex’s road to falling in love with food. These recipes are made for the beginners, the picky eaters, and those who never have enough hours in the day. The first lesson Dex learned on this journey is: remember to have fun and play! (When you buy it, you’re old enough to play with your food!)

Davis, Dexter
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